My local granny cinema is packed

Every time I head down to my local granny cinema this place is always packed to the rafters. You see although this is an adult cinema, a lot more goes on then just watching a few blue movies on the big sized screen

This house of adult content opens on the weekends and is a popular place for lonely housewife's and desperate mature women. As I am an older woman lover, I love coming to this place and getting some mature action. A lot of the regular ladies know about me and they just can't wait to rip off my pants and go down on my member.

As I entered the granny cinema and headed down the runway isles, I noticed a new foxy minx had turned up. This was an older lady in her late fifty's and I just had to have a piece of her. I took her by the hand and we walked up the steps to the back balcony. This was a darkened and more secluded area then the main part of the building, I knew we would be alone for some hardcore action here.

She removed her evening coat and was fully naked underneath. her body although much older then mine, me being only in my early twenties, was still a sight of perfection. She had ample breasts and a shaved snatch all wet and ready for my aching member to knock on her door and let myself in.

I removed my clothing and went straight into the action, not taking the time for foreplay or other boring things like that. I was pounding her box like crazy, people would have been able to hear the slapping sounds from below in the granny cinema rooms. She was moaning like a wild beast and I knew that I wouldn't be able to hold my seed for much longer. With a few more strokes I was done and blew my warm load over her ample chest.

I got dressed and left the granny cinema until next weekend, I would return. To watch videos of this hardcore mature action click here.